Setup Mugen MGT7 Nitro

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Factory SETUP MGT7 Nitro

Setup Mugen MGT7 Nitro

MGT7 Main Features

MGT7 Features:  
– Straight cut 12T bevel gear and 42T conical gears
– Front/Rear 16mm hard anodized threaded shocks with 3.5 shocks shafts
– Specially designed front/rear shock springs
– 3mm A7075 aluminum chassis
– 4mm A7075 aluminum front/rear shock towers  
– 5mm A7075 aluminum lower suspension mounts for optimized geometry
– 150cc capacity fuel tank
– E0710 heavy duty aluminum clutch shoes 
– Fully adjustable 2 speed gear box
– Specially designed front/rear body mounts
– New front bumper and foam protector
MGT7 Technical data:  
– Length:   494mm
– Width:   305mm
– Weight:   Approx. 3600gr
– Gear ratio:   1st. 11.43/2nd. 8.47
– Wheelbase:   325mm
Differentials Oils:  
Front – 300,000 wt Oil (B0347)
Rear – 50,000 wt Oil (B0319)
Shocks, Springs, and Sway Bars:
600 wt Oil (B0326) / φ2.2 L40/5.25T Spring (E2545) / φ1.35 5H Piston (E2534) / φ2.7mm (E2136)
600 wt Oil (B0326) / φ2.2 L40/5.25T Spring (E2545) / φ1.35 5H Piston (E2534) / φ2.6mm (E0176)

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