Setup Mugen MBX8 we Nitro

♦ Parts List  6.70MB
♦ Other optional parts  1.62MB
♦ Setup Sheet 
♦ Instruction Manual 
♦ Additional Manual  1.51MB

Factory MBX8 WE Setup

Setup Mugen MBX8 WE NITRO

New Mugen MBX8 WE Features

The MBX8 Worlds Edition includes many option parts used by Mugen Seiki drivers at the 2018 IFMAR World Championship.  Mugen Seiki had four MBX8’s in the 60 Minute final with Ryan Maifield finishing on the podium!  The part number for the MBX8 Worlds Edition is E2025 and includes the following items:
E0240 Wide Offset Wheel Hubs 1mm 2pcs.
The 1mm wide offset wheel hubs will increase stability and cornering. 

E2146 Inline Front Uprights.
The E2146 inline front uprights have smoother steering compared to the stock E2147 trailing front uprights and work great in high traction conditions. E2146 uprights can be used with both CVA and universal style driveshafts.  

E2168 -3mm Front Upright Arm.
The -3mm front upright arm improves the initial steering response and make the vehicle more stable through the middle and exit of the corner..  The new upright arms also reduce bump steer and make the vehicle more predictable in bumpy conditions. 

E2235 46T Spur Gear.
The 46 tooth HTD spur gear provides a great balance of acceleration and top-end speed.     

E2252 12T Pinion Gear
E2254 42T Conical Gear.
The optional 12T bevel gear when used with the 42T conical gear will change the final drive ratio and increase acceleration. 

E2260 Center Joint Cup.
E2261Center Front Dog Bone (84.5mm).
E2262 Center Rear Dog Bone (115mm).

The front and rear-center dogbones for the MBX8 reduce friction from the stock universal driveshafts. Less friction will give the vehicle a more efficient drivetrain, increase acceleration, and provide more traction.  The dog bones are lightweight, durable, and will increase traction.   

E2428 Rear Wing Stay +15mm.
The +15mm wing mount has more adjustment and will help increase mid corner rotation and be more stable in high speed conditions. 

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